$50 bonus

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    • gadget51
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      Hi GSpencemate and welcome to our community!

      So you passed the quiz, great, you're on your way already!

      So have you chosen a poker room for your free $50 yet? You will need to do that next. Here is a link to the instructions.


      *Important!* Please follow the instructions very carefully, ok?

      After registering with your chosen poker room through PokerStrategy.com, you should receive your free $50 starting capital within 48 hours after a possible identity check. Please be patient as it's the weekend and may take just a little longer.

      Any more quesions or anything else you need to know, just ask ok?

      Hope this helps and have fun!

    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey GSpencemate,

      I see you're still basic, are you having a little trouble with our Quiz?

      Don't be worried to ask us, thats what we're here for :]

      Let us know how your doing :f_cool: