Closing Account

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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey Acssa,

      Sorry to see you want to close your Betfair account :( Can I ask why?

      This is the only Poker related email I could find, if its incorrect they should be able to forward your request on to the right department.

      "If you have any questions, please e-mail Betfair Poker directly at

      We will attempt to answer all emails within 4 hours. If you are an existing Betfair account holder please include your username in all correspondence. "
    • Acssa
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      Thanks man .
      Its not just my hands ,every1s ..Iv been reraised at least 20 times - 2 or 3 callers ,when i reraise - 2 or 3 callers .every1 have something ..sets ,flushes straights ..Iv run into 4 of kind ..and when im not in the hand im watching the same.Few times i was like 1 on 1 and all that on 5 or 6 tables i played tonight.zynga next time when i want to feel that kind of excitement.
      I thought ill get better and that ill forget all stupid 'paranoid' things but only thing ill forget is online poker ..Im ready for a long break.