A short while ago i decided i was tired of playing bad poker and now i'm making moves to become better, start making profit and moving up the limits etc.

I'd like to thank the people so far for the kind welcome which has made me feel right at home.

Just the other day i used to think i was the most unluckiest player in the world but i'm starting to improve my mindset that i made the right plays and got unlucky theefore i don't need to get angry at myself, law of averages will balance out those bad beats.

My new mindset already improving me, just today i went into a freeroll on poker770 small prize ($11 for 1st, 663 entrants) but i like playing them for the experience. Anywho about 40 minutes went by in the tourny i built my stack up to about 8,000 when i took a real bad hit which left me with just over roughly 12bb. If this happened to me before i'd be all like :rage: and then i would tilt like a mo fo but i kept my head.
I can't tell you how hard it was to restrain myself from tilting but i did and i forgot about the beat and got back to playing my game, choosing my situations carefully and i'm building my stack back up before i know it i'm up over 10,000.
I ended up coming like 58th and won 25c lol, but i was proud of myself that i kept my head and didn't tilt and it did really open my eyes and redefine my thoughts on the game.

Thanks pokerstrategy i'm already improving!

I'll be posting updates whenever i have news, i'll be starting the NL beginners course monday.