Forum: Subscription Promotion: 5x Gold, 3x Platinum, 1x Diamond Packages at stake

    • KMMorten
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      Our Points Shop is an easy way for you to jump to a higher status immediately without putting forth all the grinding effort. It allows you to buy StrategyPoints which enables you to reach a certain status, thus giving you access to more articles, videos, coaching sessions and much more.

      From March 1-31, we're running a subscription promotion where you can boost yourself to the next level by winning a status package in our raffle.

      How does it work?

      Buy the SilverSilver status and get entered to win 1 of 5x GoldGold status upgrades.
      Buy the GoldGold status and get entered to win 1 of 3x PlatinumPlatinum status upgrages.
      Buy the PlatinumPlatinum status and get entered to win 1x DiamondDiamond status upgrades.

      The raffle will be held once the promotion has ended and the winners will be notified shortly after.

      Note: The duration of the package upgrade is either 3 or 12 months long, directly dependent on the package you purchased.

      Good luck to all participating PokerStrategists!

      Points shop

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    • Moritz
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      Hi everyone,

      this promotion ended recently. All members who purchased a status package from our Points Shop in March were entered into a raffle. We gave away 5x Gold status, 3x Platinum status and 1x Diamond status to nine lucky PokerStrategists.

      The winners have been determined and upgraded, and were informed personally by our customer service.

      Congrats to all winners!

    • IngridN
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      Thank you for popping by with the great news Moritz!