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    • gadget51
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      Hi there MrBubbl3M4n and welcome to our community!

      You will definitely find many omaha players here at PokerStrategy.com and they will be more than willing to discuss the game with you!

      Have you played a lot, or are you a learner (like me :) ). Perhaps you'd like to tell us about yourself a little?

      Have you tried the quiz yet? Let us know how you get on with it ok?

      Meanwhile, if there's anything you need to know or want to ask about PokerStrategu .com, just ask!

      Best regards,

    • pswyatt
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      Hey MrBubbl3M4n,

      Welcome to our forum and community!

      You have found one person that likes a bit of Omaha action as I play for a bit of change sometimes :s_thumbsup:

      Hope you enjoy your poker and best of luck :)