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      Today i wanted to make more free room on my C:/ driver and i saw Postgresql has like 8GB so i wanted to move it to another part of my hdd so i just copy and pasted it, but i had to first quit everything that had SQL or postgre in task bar to be able to move it, when it was done i tried to run my HM2, but it said, it cant connect to my database, so i tried to move Postgresql back to C:/, but HM2 still had problems and couldnt connect so i decided to uninstall postgresql.

      Now i want to install it back, but everytime i try to i get this error: An error occured executing the Microsoft VC++ runtime installer when i run 8.3 and 8.4 version and when i try 9.x version of postgresql i get this error: Unable to write inside TEMP environment variable path.
      heres pic:

      iam posting this also here, iam really hopeless, i tried everything i found through google, but nothing works, anyone help me please :(
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