sending in personal info

    • thankyou420
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      I don't know if it is right to send in personal info in the day or so many peoples credit getting ruined by id fraud... i got sent an emial that said to send it in but block out my signiture liek that would make much of a diffrence of tv i saw people using any of taht information to take out lawn and things in their name i want to be part of the site but i don't want to be a vitcum of identy fraud....
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    • ciRith
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      You can be sure that we don't sell your ID or something else. It's just a security check for us. We earn money if you play for us and we earn a lot more with that than with selling your ID.

      I think a lot people here will agree with me. (We have over 600000 registered people here.)

      You can wait as long as you wish. Maybe reading a bit here will make you more confident. :)