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    • CrazedTulip
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      Does anyone here have some legal expertise? Since I started playing tournaments on pkr I developed serious heart problems, I just can't sit peacefully while I'm getting kicked and slamed like that and have done irreversible damage to my body and mind. Do I have any ground to sue?

      btw i recommend you to stay off from here you would think such bad players would equal profit, but when they start calling 4bets and hitting with 73off it starts hurting.
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      Hi CrazedTulip,

      This really isn't a topic for the forum.

      I'm sure you are joking after a bad beat or something, but I'm sure you will also appreciate that we have to take such matters seriously as we have your interests and health as our priority.

      If you are genuinely experiencing health problems, please seek appropriate medical advice at the earliest opportunity.

      Properly trained medics are the only ones suitably qualified to advise you on health matters. They will also advise you what activities you are able to continue with and what to avoid.

      Your health should be and always be your first & only priority at the moment. I would urge you to think of that and that only and not trying to second guess possible causes without proper medical knowledge or experience.

      Take care my friend and let us know how you get on.

      I will however be closing this thread as litigation and medical issues are really not appropriate for discussion in the forum by unqualified people and I fear all you will attract is flaming & trolling.

      Best regards & take it easy,