Stars 2.20+R turbo FT question

    • narsha
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      Down to 7 handed and had 11bbs with A2o in SB. CL in HJ had been super laggy 4x opening since the start of FT. He open limped this hand and was folded to me. Question is, do i shove here? I know i am getting called like 95% of the time as its only around 15% of his stack but i am definitely ahead if i do get called as he always open raises his legit hands. Or do i fold and wait for a better spot where i have more FE?
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    • Asaban
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      That is hard to say without the other chipcounts since it very much depends on the ICM situation. Therefore it would be nice if you search for the hand history, convert it to a readable format and post it in the Hand Evaluations forum. Furthermore some more informations (--> stats) about your opponent and the BigBlind would be helpful as well.

      You will find more informations on how to post a hand properly in this thread.