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6max preflop 3bet range, examples

    • excitedpoker
      Joined: 12.08.2010 Posts: 408
      Hello, i am currently playing NL2 6max, taking shots at NL5. There is something i find as a leak in my game, i am questioning my plays in the following situations in which the opponents are unknown:
      1st situation- We stand at CO and see AQs, UTG raises 3,5 BB, MP snap calls, what does hero do?
      2nd situation - We see AQo at CO, no action behind us, we raise 3.5BBq SB 3-bets us, BB snap calls, what do we do?
      3th situation - We see AJs at CO, UTD has raised 4BB, what do we do?
      4th situation What do you think of this hand:
      No action behind us, we are at the button and raise 3xBB with QdQc, we get 2 snap calls, the flop: 5s 8h jh, we raise the pot and get 2 calls, turn is 6c and when we do our second barrel of 75% of the pot we get a solid 3bet and a fold, what do we do? fold? is the line correct?
      Thank you.
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