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Let's create some new pokerstrategy poker sayings

    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      Well, we have quite a few poker personalities out there so I thought it could be a good idea to create some sayings related to them.

      Few examples:

      "To pull off an ihufa" - To degen away almost all your BR, buy in to some MTT with your last cash and ship it.

      example of usage:

      Vonki: How's it going dude?

      EmanuelC16: had a sick downswing, lost almost all my BR.

      Huseens: lololololololol

      Vonki: That sucks ;(

      EmanuelC16: That's okay, I pulled off an ihufa and now have 20k :D

      Vonki: lol

      EmanuelC16: trololo

      Huseens: FML

      Another saying "To Roo" - get drunk and start spamming the boards

      example of usage:

      IngridN: Hey, you got any plans for tonight?

      NightFrostaSS: Nothing much, just gonna roo the shit out of pokerstrategy

      IngridN: You are so cool and awesome <3

      Now that I've given you few examples I'm sure you guys can do better. So let us gogogo!
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