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    • SRBSavic1
      Joined: 11.05.2011 Posts: 370
      Cause i LIKE
      NL Holdem $600(BB) Poker Stars Game#76422909738

      SRBSavic1 ($11,020)
      chekasin ($13,564)
      jamnick85 ($2,268)
      Sweet_Xaxi ($5,288)
      ohotnik555 ($6,026)

      Sweet_Xaxi antes $50
      ohotnik555 antes $50
      SRBSavic1 antes $50
      chekasin antes $50
      jamnick85 antes $50
      SRBSavic1 posts (SB) $300
      chekasin posts (BB) $600

      Dealt to SRBSavic1 3s Jc
      fold, fold, fold,
      SRBSavic1 raises to $1,350
      chekasin raises to $3,000
      SRBSavic1 calls $1,650
      FLOP ($6,250) 4c 8c Kd
      SRBSavic1 bets $7,970 (AI)
      chekasin folds
      SRBSavic1 shows 3s Jc

      SRBSavic1 wins $6,250
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976

      can you please tell us more about the type of SnG/pay out structure? You can also post hands for analysis in our hand evaluation forums.

      As for the hand itself-

      I rather fold or complete preflop. Raising is an option as well if we face super tight player, who will defend rarely and even if called, will give up on a lot of cbets. As played- fold on his small 3bet. We are getting good odds, but our hand has no playability postflop, even if we hit a pair, it will be dominated when getting action very, very often. Not only that, but also, stack sizes are so shallow that we can't afford to set mine here, playing fit or fold will be a huge loosing play ITLR.

      As played, postflop- you don't rep much by overbet shoving here. Flop is relatively dry, he might occasionally put you on clubs draw/random bluffs/some weak pairs. No worse hand is calling you when you make this play.

      Also, I will size my raise preflop to 1500. 1350 is fine if he is super tight and won't defend often at all, but again- as a default, limp/stab or fold pre is superior.