Player Types

    • Alesh123
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      i learn that there is 8 player types:
      - Rocks
      - Nits
      - Weak Tight Players
      - TAGs
      - Maniacs
      - LAGs
      - Calling stations
      - Donkeys

      Which stats represent each group? How to play agains them on flop (if anyone has some example).
      I saw a lot of hand evaluations in a past few weeks.
      One was interesting. Hero bets on flop with TPTK and got raised, so he call (allin). I would play the same.
      But judge said, that he will fold (because NIT player will raise only with 2 pairs+).
      At that point i know that i don't have idea about how important player types are.

      Tnx for any advice.

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      Hi Alesh, how are you?

      May I suggest you get yourself over to the NL Beginners Course - just click the link at the bottom of this reply - where you will find all the answers to your question and a lot more besides!

      It's free to register for and you can join and leave any time you like, so no pressure at all.

      Just click the link, follow the instructions and off you go!

      Have fun,

    • Alesh123
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      I am great :)
      Ow tnx, i will read this articles.
      I realy want to understand other players play style.

      Tnx again!