Swede explores the bigger sea! NL50€+

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      My name is Rasmus, 21 years old from Sweden.
      I've been around in the swedish forum a while and have a blog there aswell, but I think it's time to move on in life and expand my views.. that goes for seing new countries, play at international poker rooms (instead of the swedish one i usually play on) aswell as getting to know the english community! =)

      So I've done 3 things recently:

      1. Moved to Marbella, Spain.
      2. Started playing on a € site, NL50+ (today)
      3. Started a blog in the english community

      Poker History:

      Been playing for about 1,5 years now, started at NL5 and slowly made my way up the limits. Last 4 months or so poker has been my only income so I'm a fulltime player atm. NLHE 6max is my main game, tho recently i started playing some MTTs aswell and doing okey.

      Graph of 2012 so far (from swedish site avg buyin = NL50$ish)

      From now on will probably only post graphs/hands from € site as it makes more sense and is less confusing. :f_biggrin:

      Also throwing in some random Art!

      "Rockclimbing in Microtropolis"

      Happy fishing :D
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