for SNG micro stakes grinders

    • Takeiteazy
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      Hello, I am looking a partner to discuss hands on sng micro stakes. I've played poker for around 2 years, with breaks tho. I started playing more seriously again 1 month ago, currently my bankroll is 300$+, started with freerolls :p. I play at pokerstars 3.50$s (9 men) at the moment, looking to move up to 7$s once I've got big enough bankroll :)

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    • Spungeh
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      add me as a friend as cant give out skype..

      but i play $1.50 9man on stars..
      But ive played $3.50 and $7 at some stage in my career.. Ill be moving back up to $3.50 when my bankroll hits the right amount again..