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    • diversfx
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      what to do when you are just card dead so I just folded 40 hands in a row.Get my chips in qq against 55 and they hit a 4 card flush.

      Sorry don't care how big a chip lead you have are you calling this pre flop. or was I playing just 2 tight?
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    • ghaleon
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      Depends on villains. There might be spots to shove loose when stacks start to get shallow or perhaps resteal loose when some open wide from late position. Sometimes there will be no good spots to do anything when card dead, but try to find spots to remain your stack big enough to get fold equity for your shoves.

      PS: Also in early phase there might be spots to open some weak hands from late position if villains behind are tight enough.
    • Spungeh
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      pretty much covered from first replier..

      but its always the situation, remember you can always win with any 2 hands, and personaly i'd rather go down fighting than go down due to being card dead.

      Look back through your hands and see some that you folded, dont necessary wait for premiums..

      in SB if noone has called/raised and BB is tight then re-steal with any 89> even maybe from button to..
    • diversfx
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      wish that was the case only saw 1 hand that was playable and there was a 3bet in front of me already. only had i saw QJo.
    • kurrkabin
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      Ghaleon has the right here.

      There will be some rare cases where you can't do anything, because of the action in front of you/players yet to act/ our position/ stack depth or hand, but usually you should look for spots to exploit your opponents.

      F.e. vs an unknown/tight casual player, you can usually profitably push any two cards bvb for 10bb eff or less. Our hand doesn't matter here, as we will get called so rarely, that we will show profit ITLR. Opening a super wide range from late position vs tight blinds is also a good way to play the situation/players, but not the hand. As for the QQ or some other specific hand, please post it in our hand evaluation forums and either me or some other of the hand judges will share our opinion about it.