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Playing better with 21 tables.

    • NorwayCowboy
      Joined: 02.11.2007 Posts: 132
      Well, the title is not 100% correct, as I play a very different game when playing less tables. But thats why I posted this thread, i'm currently in a bit of a downswing, and I used to play NL25 SH, but my bankroll has dropped quite a bit, so I decided to go down to NL10 SH and my bankroll kept moving down and I only played 2 & 4 tables.

      Then I decided to put in more volume, downloaded TableNinja, TiltBreaker and LeakBuster - played a session, 1 hour 10 min, 1900 hands @ NL5 SH.

      Reviewed my game and checked my leaks, then played another session now, played way better and improved my game.

      My problem when multitabling is my VP$IP/PFR is 16/14, and I want it to go up, but I don't wanna play trouble hands like KT, QT etc. out of position.

      When I 4 table, my VP$IP/PFR is 22/17.
      But when I 4 table I end up in tight corners, taking the wrong decision and not caring about calling, cause it's "only" $4 to see what he has.


      My multitabling skills are pretty good, did it a loong time ago and my skills are still present.

      I wanna improve my game, but I need to get out of the bad swing before I let myself up the limits again.

      Thread does not make much sense, just had to write it down somewhere to understand it :P

      I'm used to play a lot of tables, but when I went down to NL10 to re-evaluate my game playing just a few tables and learning new tricks, my game felt worse and I did stupid things with hands I never would have played with 8+ tables.

      Yes I am an action junkie!

      blablabla, don't wanna read through this, but if you did and are now reading this, I will take this opportunity to say i'm sorry for my writing and my bad English, please share your thoughts on this topic if you did understand some of this. Good god, I feel like i'm just writing Chinese or something, again, i'm sorry. :coolface:
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    • ryciaga
      Joined: 21.02.2011 Posts: 136
      Damn you aggro scandinavians :) how many monitors do U use for 21 table? 3? :)
    • ipeaceonu
      Joined: 23.06.2007 Posts: 232
      My only thoughts on this is that if you play 24 tables well then go for it but your review times should probably be as long as your playing time as you will have so many hands to review. The whole point of playing less tables is to concentrate on each decision whilst still learning the plays that come as 2nd nature when you have are experienced. However, if it's only a case of grinding out a roll until you can get back to the stakes you used to play then it seems like a pretty good idea. Good luck
    • NorwayCowboy
      Joined: 02.11.2007 Posts: 132
      @ ryciaga

      I'm currently playing on two 24" monitors :s_grin:

      @ ipeaceonu

      Yes sir, reviewing hands takes up a lot of my time, but using the LeakBuster and filtering in PT3 i'm getting it done pretty quickly.

      This is my month so far, first 3-400 hands are NL10 SH 4-tabling.

    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      dont play more than 12, I find that when i play too many tables, I clock way too many hands. After a long 4 hour session, I see 5-6k hands in my database and I get lazy in reviewing them. Not a good idea for someone wanting to work on his game and move up the stakes.