I've recovered from my first visit to mad tilt's ville, it was NOT pretty.

I went from $50 to $40 due to bad play and not following the SNG rules properly and whole heatedly. After reading them again i managed to keep at $40 and became a believer since holding steady was good enough giving my experience.. Then I hit a series of - dare I say it - bad luck. I mean I lost hands to 27o all in'ing before the flop, and a J on the flop with AA, on the first hand!

Granted I shouldn't say I hit a dry spot, and its quite likely I did not - it was just standard variance, but I didn't know how to handle it. I lost anouther $20 after that. Then I went on to win $10, lost a bit more then went and lost the $10 in heads up matches.. It was UGLY.

Combined with some other losses I was down to $10. I started playing by the book, and held steady at $8-12 for a few days. Then I went down to $4 at one point.

A few days later, and still playing by the book, I'm now back up to $20 with a higher % of my tourneys landing in the money (a few only earned me $0.60)


I think I will be able to handle the next time I think I've hit a downswing; however, I thought I'd post so people can take a look to see if I need some sense talked into me.

I think I'm more experienced and relaxed when playing know, but I'd love to get some tips from people, and if anyone wants to review my hand histories please let me know. I've posted 1 or 2 hand histories in the hand histories forum; however, I usually don't know what hands I should have analyzed..

- Dreamy