Less Volume -> Concentration, Reads, Tells -> ITM more often?

    • revs90
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      I hate multi-tabling. I just can't keep track of what's going on at more than one table. Sometimes I introduce a second one because I get bored w/ only one running.

      Is it okay to think I can move up the limits just as well when only one-tabling? With, obviously, a higher ROI than otherwise.

      Oh by the way I'm playing 9-man STTs & MTTs w/ rather agressive BRM. (45BI for STTs which is okay, any MTT ranging from 1 to 4 bucks, 4 being very agressive in relation to my BR.
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    • NightFrostaSS
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      Well yea, your ROI will be a bit bigger since you'll play better, but your hourly will suck badly and it will take you forever to move up. You need good volume and decent samples before moving up and that's just impossible 1tabling. So learn to multitable instead, it'll take some time but you'll get used to it, it's worth it.
    • ipeaceonu
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      How do you have your tables on your monitor? I would suggest stacking and using a hud, stt's are pretty formulaic and you can get all the info you need from your hud and session reviews. At least with stacking you only have one table at a time to concentrate on. GL
    • phantommm92
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      imo play live poker
    • revs90
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      Haha, you can't really find any $5 live tables can you? :]

      I tried 6-tabling NL5 for like a week - ended up about break-even. When I was doing that I was tiling my tables because when I tried cascading them I was uncomfortable; I needed to know what was happening in the other ones so I wouldn't time out. Any advice on that? :/

      It's like, when one-tabling, one tournament means alot to you. With a ~$150 BR and playing $3.50's I don't know if I'd be okay playing 12% of my BR at the same time ($21).
      On the other hand, if I concentrate on one table my chances of shipping it are greater and at $14-$15 for first place, a $11 boost means alot to my BR (+7%~).

      I don't know. Everybody keeps saying how online poker is all about volume and I can't even multitable. >_<

      Oh and just to be sure, does Stars allow live HUD during tournaments?
    • Krishjanis
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      Don't jump straight to 6 tables, add them one by one. Play on 2 until you feel comfortable, then add the third and so on. At first it might feel fast but you will get used to it, don't give up!
    • mute20
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      If you aren't you should try to keep good physical health. Not only can you play longer, but you should have better concentration as sitting at the computer has it effects. Exercising regularly usually will improve your life overall.
    • revs90
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      The problem is it's hard to stay infront of the computer for hours and hours and stay concentrated you know? I really doubt this has anything to do with physical health :p

      @Krish, thanks i'll try that :)
    • NorwayCowboy
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      You are just the oppposite of me, I can't play just one table, playing 4 tables i'm also bored, i can handle 21 tables, but then it's straight forward basic poker. But my VP$IP and PFR was to low, so now i'm playing at 13 tables and it's perfect, i'm allways playing a hand and I am 100% focused at all times.

      My advice for you is to take it one table at a time, try out a free trial of TableNinja and se if that will help you adding more tables.

      You should also concider using a more strict BRM when multitabling, as this will give you some comfort.