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"Less emotional when playing live"

    • Zareos
      Joined: 16.05.2009 Posts: 240

      I was playing in a home game the other day (came 2nd out of 8... AQs < A10o) and afterwards was told by one person that was playing that I'm quite emotional when playing, apparently I'm very talkative in spots (when I want a call) and then silent in others. Personally, I hadn't noticed this myself but will trust their judgement.

      Now, I know this... next game, I'm going to deliberately reverse it! False tells, fuck yeah! :f_love:

      I don't mean tilting btw, I'm pretty good at avoiding that, I just mean playing cool in the middle of hands etc.

      Just thought I'd ask people here how you stay "cool" when playing live? Do you do a Helmuth face-cover or what not? Do you strip naked when you get pocket Aces to celebrate?

      I know there are probably articles on this, but I wanted to ask people's own experiences and wonder if there are any funny stories out there!
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