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Hello everyone ! :)

    • Naminuk
      Joined: 17.04.2008 Posts: 151
      Hello everyone, let me present my self. My nickname is Naminuk, i am from spain born in lithuania. I started to play poker not a long time ago. The reason that i opened this trhead is that i am very unsitisfied with an AP soft. And i would like to ask your opinion about it. But anyway, i received 50$ yesterday and started to play. AP is very very fishy so in about 1 hr i made 50+ on 0.10/0.25$ NL hldem tables. But than i dont know what happened i just stoped winning one hand, when he hit a low 2 pairs on a river ?????? and after that i lost almoust everything they was taking my AA AK AQ QQ nothing hellped ..
      And at the and camed guy named IRISHGUY or smt .. he taked like 60 $ from me ? he was betting all the time very agresive it looked like super fish, never fold and always win ????? He lost like 3 hands mean i was there i quickly mane 120$ from 40 he bringed .. and this morning the same story.
      I made my self idea like you have more chances to win there pushing all in with 23 than with AK ... And after all they have super high rake!
      This morning i lost 10$ having a high str and a guy hitted a fullhouse on a river. If it would happen just once i would say that he had a lucky river or smt, but when it happens oftenly it doesnt look so lucky ;)

      Tell me what do you think about it, and if you have any kind of expierences with AP :P TY.
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    • cannell555
      Joined: 06.03.2008 Posts: 2,410
      i am thinking 0.10/0.25 with $50? your always going to go bankrupt! Way above the limit you should be playing, regardless of how good you are.
    • Naminuk
      Joined: 17.04.2008 Posts: 151
      I have revised my hand history and understood my problem, probably i got tilted :) . becouse after i lost one strong hand ive lost a confianca into me, i have started to protect less my hands nad that was wery costly ouch. i hope i will learn something from that one ;)

      STAGE #753375692: HOLDEM NO LIMIT $30 - 2007-09-04 17:44:57 (ET)
      Table: ALHAMBRA (Real Money) Seat #5 is the dealer
      Seat 5 - DOUBLEDRAG ($22373 in chips)
      Seat 6 - THE GRINDER ($11554 in chips)
      Seat 2 - DTON21 ($1760 in chips)
      Seat 3 - hero ($3055 in chips)
      THE GRINDER - Posts small blind $15
      DTON21 - Posts big blind $30
      *** POCKET CARDS ***
      Dealt to hero [5d 10d]
      hero - Raises $90 to $90
      DOUBLEDRAG - Raises $240 to $240
      THE GRINDER - Folds
      DTON21 - Folds
      hero - Calls $150
      *** FLOP *** [6d Qc 8d]
      hero - Checks
      DOUBLEDRAG - Bets $150
      hero - All-In(Raise) $2815 to $2815
      DOUBLEDRAG - Calls $2665
      *** TURN *** [6d Qc 8d] [2s]
      *** RIVER *** [6d Qc 8d 2s] [5c]
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      hero - Shows [5d 10d] (One pair, fives)
      DOUBLEDRAG - Shows [Kd 3c] (king high)
      Collects $6153 from main pot
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total Pot($6155) | Rake ($2)
      Board [6d Qc 8d 2s 5c]
      Seat 2: DTON21 (big blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
      Seat 3: hero won Total ($6153) All-In HI:( $6153) with One pair, fives [5d 10d - P5,B5,BQ,P:10d,B8]
      Seat 5: DOUBLEDRAG (dealer) HI:lost with king high [Kd 3c - PK,BQ,B8,B6,B5]
      Seat 6: THE GRINDER (small blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS


      Hand 2: GRAYCAT is BB in this hand. Coldcaps preflop and then check/folds flop.

      Absolute Poker 200/400 Hold'em (4 handed) by Hand Converter CG

      Preflop: Hero is Button with 5, 5.
      UTG raises, Hero 3-bets, SB folds, BB caps, UTG calls, Hero calls.

      Flop: (12.50 SB) 2, 2, 5 (3 players)
      BB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets, BB folds, UTG calls.

      it is not mine, but it is from AP ;)