micro 6-max PLO HEM HUD setup

    • santapark
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      I'm new here and asking for some tips from more experienced PLO players about HUD setup for shorthanded micro PLO (PLO25). I don't want more than four lines of stats and four stats for each line, so my tables don't get too messy when playing in six or more tables.

      My current HUD setup has these stats:
      1st line: VPIP\PFR\3-bet\BTN steal
      2nd line: CB flop\fold to flop CB OOP\fold to flop CB IP\CR Flop
      3rd line: CB turn\fold to turn CB OOP\fold to turn CB IP\CR Turn
      4th line: Went to showdown\Won $ at showdown\Hands

      Preflop I tend to check villain 3-bet stats based on position when facing 3-bet and deciding to 4-bet or not, but that is situational and I don't wan't to put more 3-bet stats to HUD view for something that doesn't happen very often. For second line I have flop stats and third line has turn stats. Some players tend to CR more on flop and some players on turn so I have those stats there, but it needs pretty big sample to be accurate. For river I don't have much stats and I don't really know how relevant those are and is there any better stats to replace them (sample size is a must I think). What would you remove or add to these stats? Give also some sort of reasoning why some stats are better for these stakes than some other stats.

      I also want to tune my stats with color coding, but I really can't say what stat is too low/high/std compared to standard TAG play. For example, VPIP under 18% is kinda low for what I understand, anything under 30% kinda standard depending on playing style and more than 35% is kinda too much for these stakes since most of the pots are contested multiway all the time. So I would color code them that VPIP under 18% is blue, 18-30% is red and anything above 35% is green. How about other stats like PFR, 3-bet, BTN steal, CB stats etc?
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    • santapark
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      No thoughts about these anyone? My reason for having fold to CB stats OOP&IP is that there are usually big difference between them, since players that understand something about position tend to call CB way more light IP.
    • rmarquez
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      My HUD configuration for PLO 6max play is...

      Line 1:Note Editor / Players name / Hands
      Line 2:VPIP / PFR / AF
      Line 3:3bet PF% / Fold to PF 3Bet% / 3bet% PF and Fold to a PF 4bet
      Line 4:Fold to F CBet in a 3bet pot / Fold to a raise after F Cbet / Fold to a F c/r
      Line 5: W$SD / WTSD / W$WSF / WSDWRT / WSDWRR

      Hoped it helps, cheers.
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      i was also looking for this...thnx!