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      I started to play about 2 months ago partypoker. First started fixed limit evrything went ok was playng stirctly as bankroll mangment says.My bankroll went 130 and then went down to 60 i decided to play NL 10 sss okey my bankroll was 100 dollar i decided to play NL 25 i now that s not as bankroll managment say s i feeled i can beat it i started playng evry thing was ok my bankroll was growing first day second day downswings i just coulden t beat even with AA hand my bankroll was down to 80. I played little NL 5 bss then getted bankroll to 120 dollar with long time had lot downswings and decided to give a try NL 25 sss again and bankroll was growing.My bankroll was 142 dollars first 2000 hands and next 400 hands i was down to 102 dollars is this normal like i don t now what i should play becose i played NL 25 sss strictly and i just get so many bad beats QQ vs 99 and AA vs 33 and just lose just don t now what to do so angry right now
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