Freedom or Structure, Cash games or SNGs.

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      So a little bit about me, I'm a student in both university and in poker. I've always wanted to play full time while studying but don't have the bankroll to do so. So baby steps it is, which makes decisions like this allot harder than most normal players.

      I'm highlighting what I believe about the two games below and then I'll have a little conclusion for both and I am hoping the intelligent minds of the site will the. Point me in the right direction.

      Cash Game

      So I haven't had as much success or history with cash games, mainly because I have always come onto poker as a tournoment type of game. Although playing hyper turbos I see the luck factor influenced allot more than actual skill, and this has come relevant when I simple don't hit hands, or am
      Forced all in rather than playing the middle phase of poker, the part I enjoy the most.

      Now, due to not knowing cash games, is it a big difference from what you play like in SNG? I'd be playing NL.2 so I guess the competition would be low. I had a small go yesterday and I enjoy the fact that every hand is a + or - to my bankroll and I'm directly influencing that outcome from skill, more than luck.


      I have played a decent handful of tournoments over the last year or so that had now made me Ino a winning player, although I'm still learning and very early in y games believe that I can achieve good results in the long run if I keep up with my game.

      I see my buy in as an oppurtunity cost and it's givens the opportunity of playing certain hands throughout so I tilt so much less. I have become a-costumed to thinking like a SNG player and playing tight at the beginning and very aggressive at the later stages but I've also got it on my head that I would rather play more middle phase, but me playing slower games makes me get bored an irritated due to higher fees and also ultimately the same outcome.
      I would not throw $1.50 on a hand like 56s when playing .01/.02 but I sometimes have up on a $1.50 SNG. An I don't feel comfortable doing this and this may be affecting my game?


      So, I believe my heart is in poker and that I have the patience, skill and mental though process of learning and practice. So either game will do me well, but I also like the freedom of a cash game, the structure of SNG, this is why I need wisdom of the community to see and help me get further in my game.

      Take note

      I am on my phone, so autocorrect may hate me a little.

      I'm also looking for a coach/study group so if you feel you can help me at micro stakes then please get in contact with me.

      Thanks for reading, Damian.
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