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      Oh Hai der PokerStrategy Member :f_grin:

      Welcome to the FL Public Coaching Suggestions & Feedback thread for datsmahname (whew, thats me!). Its my pleasure to offer an exciting and challenging approach to poker education thats tailored specifically for PokerStrategy members with Introductory to Advanced skill levels.
      During your Live Coaching sessions we will work to identify and understand fundamental concepts, observe how they work in practice, and develop tools for measuring our progress and skill development as poker players. My goal as a fellow Poker Student is to provide you with simple and clear instruction on exactly the topics you want. Therefore, your feedback is vital.

      Please feel welcome to post:
      • your hands for live streaming review,
      • the questions you're working on now,
      • your ideas for future content, and
      • your opinions about the existing live coaching content.

      About Me:
      I began playing Poker in mid 2009 on PokerStars with a $5 promotional bankroll. After several years at University studying Psychology, Neuroscience, and Statistics it seemed only natural to apply my student mentality to poker.

      A $5 promotional bankroll, while fragile was enough to begin learning so I played .02/.04 Fixed-Limit, Full Ring on PokerStars. I gradually worked my way up through each limit playing a small number of tables and beating each of the games over 10-40k hand samples. Now I play regularly at 1/2, I'm gradually introducing 2/4 into my sessions, I've never used outside earnings for poker, and I still have my $5 promotional bonus. In other words, I manage my BR very carefully.

      As a student of the game I continue to emphasize fundamental poker topics. Coaching with gives me the ideal opprotunity to refine these fundamental concepts and expand my own poker education by working directly with ambitious poker players, like yourself.

      My goal is to present complex ideas in a clear and simple way so that anyone interested in the game can learn and apply them. This is an exciting challenge for me, and I'm looking forward to it.


      FL Shorthanded [Advanced]
      • Format: Low Stakes Fixed-Limit Shorthanded
      • Status: Silver
      • Every Tuesday @ 20:00 GMT / 23:00 DST / 16:00 EST
      • Live Stream Replay
      • Duration: 1.5 hrs


      User Experience Survey's will be available once each month. The feedback you give in the surveys will be used to provide ongoing information about the effectiveness of the FL Coach, datsmahname (myself). Also, your thoughtful ratings and comments will be used to allocate time and resources for selecting and improving the FL content offered during Public Coaching sessions.

      Please note that the surveys are currently offered by and the results will be analyzed by datsmahname.
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