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      Reproduced below is correspondence between a PKR representative and myself. Basically he asked why I wasn't playing there anymore and I told him that it was due to the high rake at micro stakes which is around double the industry standard as I recall.

      His reply is below. Basically he argues that the high rake is industry standard. Unfortunately I don't have the actual figures at hand, which he is count on, clearly.

      My question is what argument should I take to get that rake down. I'm not interested in more rakeback, I just want to pay the same rake that I do other poker rooms.

      From: Customer Support
      Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 9:21 PM
      Subject: Your Account

      Hi there,
      My name’s James and I’m sending this request on behalf of the Customer Retention Management Team at
      I apologise for the imposition, but I was hoping you might be able to give me some feedback as to why you haven’t been active on PKR recently.
      If you’re no longer playing poker then feel free to ignore this email, but if you’re playing elsewhere then it would be really useful to hear your feedback about what PKR could do better and what might make you think about switching back to our platform, or playing more regularly with us?
      I’d really appreciate any information you think is relevant and I’m more than happy to try and help deal with any issues you might have had. Emails sent in reply will come direct to my personal mailbox and I would be happy to answer any questions or get back to you with a response where appropriate.

      Many thanks for your time,

      Hello James,

      I enjoy playing on your site. The reason I haven’t been doing so is that I play micro stakes and I discovered that your rake for micro stakes is double that of other sites. I am simply not a good enough player to overcome that size hurdle.

      If PKR is reconsidering its rake structure then I would quickly return to your tables.


      Hi and thanks for the response.
      Our rake structure is higher for smaller games, but this is an industry standard. At Party Poker the $1 games are raked at 80c/20c so a full 25%! We do try and keep rake charges down where we can and we also charge less for Turbo games at all stakes, so there are $1 at PKR charging just 10% rake too - not to mention lots of freerolls and other options for smaller stakers to get some value.
      I can also offer you a bonus code that works out at almost 50% rakeback which could make PKR the best value option for you (for the next 60 days at least). Let me know if you do decide to give us another go and I'll send you a bonus code that pays out in $10 increments, so there's no fretting over targets or having to make a small deposit. It pays out instantly and automatically and you'll get $10 every time you rake $25, so it's worth 40% rakeback, plus 4-7% PKR Point value on top! This bonus has a 60 day shelf life too.
      Let me know if you're interested and I'll add your name to my restricted list and send you the code/Ts and Cs etc.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Retention Management
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