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Pocket Jacks 5 handed

    • LooseDonk
      Joined: 23.01.2011 Posts: 23
      Hey everyone,

      Was curious to have fellow players opinion on a matter. Ive been haunted by this hand for two days now and think that I made an "understandable" fold. This is the final table of a live mtt, started with 292 players. I am at the final table with 4 more players.

      Hero has 2.1 mill in chips
      Player A 700k
      Player B 1.3 mil
      Player C 400k
      Player D 2.4mill

      Blinds are at 50k/100k with 10k antes.

      Prizes being handed out are,
      First place: 30k
      Second: 21k
      Third: 17k
      Fourth: 12k
      Fifth: 9k

      I am in the big blind, Player A is UTG and folds, Player B raises to 300k, Player C folds, Player D shoves all in.

      I look down at my cards and see pocket Jacks. As you can see one raise and shove all in. The only players that could bust me in one hand just shoved all in and I made a fold that I never thought I could make. Player B ended up folding and Player D showed 88. Needless to explain how I felt. 5 handed pocket jacks being folded I think is a nit fold, but with 2 short stacks and the risk of ending up with 9k compared to the rest of the prizes is it justifiable?
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    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,181

      I just ran the hand through the ICM Nash Calculator to get a reasonable range. Problem is that it is not possible to take the open raise of CO into the consideration. If he open pushed and SB overpushed you would have a fold. If he open folds and SB open shoves you would have a call.

      My calculation

      Therefore I guess that JJ is boarderline. From what I can imagine a call might be the right decision while a fold feels better at that moment. Your action might as well depend on your opponent. If you think that he knows about the ICM situation and is pushing a very wide range I would tend to make the call. If it is the first time he is trying to pressure the fold might be the better alternative.

      I guess the fold is kinda reasonable. At the same time I think that a call might have enough EV to make up for the ICM problem. It should be slightly +EV (meaning $EV - that it is +EV in ChipEV is kinda obv - but who cares?) to call here.
      In which place did you finish?

    • LooseDonk
      Joined: 23.01.2011 Posts: 23
      Thanks for your analysis, I ended up finishing in 3rd place which was the reason this hand bothered me kknowing I wouldve been 80 percent favorite to knock out the chip leader wouldve almost guaranteed me the first place with more then half the chips in play.