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    • MichelleAce
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      Hey everybody!

      I start blogging here mainly because of motivating myself.

      Until the downfall of FT I played NL 6max Rush and PLO HU Cash and obv. lost a decent amount of money (maybe FT will be back?! Who knows ...) Since then I was very frustrated and did not play that regularly. Tested different games (PLO, NL, SNGS ...) ... Started playing some HU SNG lately but missed the deep play a lot. ;(

      I put some more money online and will try to play NL50 HU now with an aggressive BRM. I do not want to cash out soon, but move up the limits fast and improve my game. I have no problems moving down or playing on scared money. Perhaps moving to PLO100 HU later but with a tight BRM due to rake and swings . :f_eek:

      This blog is mainly to motivate myself to continue playing regularly.

      [] 500 hands per day
      [] playing solid, no spew
      [] stay focused
      [] NL50 HU
      [] NL100 HU
      [] NL200 HU


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      So long :s_evil:
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    • fruktpuff
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      Welcome to our blogging section!

      If you were a RUSH Reg, maybe the release of Zoom on Stars in the coming weeks could be something to look in to?

      How agressive a BRM were you thinking to start with on NL50HU?

      Who's the girl in the saver? She's gorgeous!