I'm looking for a newbie sng micro player for....

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      My name is Marko and i come from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia (European union).
      I was really exited when i was reading your post, because i match few things u are looking for your students.
      I am quite mew to poker, ok, i have Pokerstars account for 3 years now, but if you check how many games i played (nickname saurium181), you can see that i am a newbie, loosing player + i play micros.
      Actually last week i started a "project" on finally becoming a winning player in 18man SNG on pokerstars. A friend of mine gave me a quick lesson on holdem manager, and i was ready to go.
      First 2 days i was like "reborn" because i knew some things about players and i was more confident with stealing blinds and so on.
      Until now i played 76 tourneys and i made 20$ loss until today. I dont know how i cannot get ITM!! my stats of finishing 5th (bubble) are 11,8% and 6th 9,2% :(
      could you help me make my game become a little more profitable or at least breakeven?
      I know those are 18mans and u are looking 9man SNG players, but on your intro video i saw u are good at 18mans.
      And a little bit about me. I am 21 going on 22, and i am studying wood technology / wood science .
      I would be really glad if u could help me improve my game.

      Greetings to Korea!!
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      hey there madison,

      I've moved your post to an internal area for now as im not 100% clear what the rules are on this. I'll ask someone to get back to you first thing in the morning.

      Thanks for your patience,