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    • Ohs
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      Hey there,
      I've been playing Hu cash for 3 months and moved up from NL2 to NL20. :f_love:

      It was kinda ok but on NL20 there happen to be 50 open tables with 1 player. What that means is I can wait for my opponent for 40 minutes and he still doesn't have to be a terrible fish (although they usually are) or he just plays 20 hands and sits out. So my question is how do you deal with it? Do you play multiple sites (you lose some rakeback money by that) or you just wait until someone joins?

      I've been thinking about going for Sngs because of this, so any thoughts or suggestions are welcome, thanks! :f_cool:
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    • Daenerys
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      If you have problem finding more then enough players ar NL20 limit then you are playing at the wrong site. When i was playing nl20 HU last on my old site i could find a new opponent within 30 seconds by just sitting at any table. And thats not at one of a bigger sites either.

      Also i wouldnt recommend playing at more then one site until you are playing NL100 HU.
    • CallumN
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      Hi Ohs,

      First of all congrats on your rapid progression up the stakes!

      I hate to say it, but what you have experienced is the way that HU is these days. Regs wait at 10 empty tables and wont play anyone that isn't a complete drooler.

      If I was going to focus on playing HU, I would have 10bi~ on each network and sit at 4 tables on each.

      Whilst I am waiting for HU games I would be playing HUSNG's to fill the time.

      Also, consider waiting at empty 6max/FR tables. I have made a chunk of money playing fish HU in this manner. You can still carry on playing 3-4 handed if a big fish does join.

      One other thing you could do, take advantage of the anon HU tables on PartyPoker/Microgaming (Unibet/Ladbrokes). Join regs with odd amounts like $32.19 and do some fishy things like limp calls the first hand and min raise the flop. Then they will give you action and you can start playing your usual game.

      This is if you are comfortable playing vs regs HU.

      So overall, HU has become a waiting game and you reap what you sew. Put out as many hooks as you can and you will get more fish :f_biggrin: