[NL2-NL10] Nl10 Sh A5

    • Sinnology
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      Hero ($12.19)
      BB ($10)
      UTG ($16.22)
      UTG+1 ($14.94)
      CO ($6.95)
      BTN ($2.85)

      Dealt to Hero A:heart: 5:club:

      UTG raises to $0.20, fold, fold, fold, Hero calls $0.15, BB calls $0.10

      FLOP ($0.60) 4:diamond: 3:heart: 6:heart:

      Hero bets $0.28, BB calls $0.28, UTG folds

      TURN ($1.16) 4:diamond: 3:heart: 6:heart: 7:diamond:

      Hero bets $1.11, BB raises to $3.80, Hero raises to $11.71 (AI), BB calls $5.72 (AI)

      PF was probably missclick.
      Am playing on new network so gettingf used to software.
      Flop I have OESD +1OC ,and since UTG is fish I wanted to build a pot in case of hitting or scare em away.
      Turn brings me srtaight so I bet and bb raised me.
      Only hand that beats me here is 58, and with me holding a 5, there is less chance for that.
      So Villains range is consisted of drawy hands like 89h,87s,slowplayed sets (33,77,66,44) ,and straights 25,58.
      We are flipping vs this range
      Board: 4s3h6h7d
      Equity Win Tie
      MP2 49.01% 31.13% 17.89% { Ah5c }
      MP3 50.99% 33.10% 17.89% { 77-33, 98s, 87s, 85s, 52s, 85o, 52o }

      I dont think I can ever fold here, and since I have second nuts , with first one being pretty unprobable, I think I made right move.
      What do you guys thing?

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    • veriz
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      Hello Sinnology,

      You seem to do always the same thing, if you have a draw you lead out 1/2 pot size. :D Easy to exploit vs that. :)

      But as played kind of similar situation, you have invested only small amount of your stack and practically you might be just freerolling against some straight+draw already. Doubt really that the guy would raise there with sets. For example would you raise with sets? :)

      Best Regards.
    • Sinnology
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      Yeah similar shit as other hand, the only thing is that I find him hard to have me beaten here , and also find hard to fold .
      I would deffo earn some more moneys by doing it more .
      No I would never do it with set tho I ve seen some players doing it .

      Thx for help