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    • jdvolder
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      hi, i have been playing poker for 6 months; but i started playing on pokerstrategy about two weeks ago. In the mean time I have played 4000+ hands SSS, and i haven't had the best of luck. I lost about 63$ (-6,38 BB/100), and only kind of gained money by playing freezouts (where my highest ranking was 5).

      For SSS, I have been following the SHC and the instructions given by it, but i can't seem to build up a steady bankroll playing this strategy (i play titan 0,05/0,10).

      Anyone have any advise for a player getting deticated to the game?
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    • Zeffke
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      Hi jdvolder,

      Good advice: Learn the articles, review your own hands, post questions here, post hands to judge and visit as much coachings as possible... That way you'll become a better player and able to move up ;) Good luck!
    • Odieone
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      I dunno if I should be to one to give advice because I am a beginner myself.

      I also had a bad downswing of 150BB. I am playing micro limits FL. I decided to go back to basics especially trying to understand Outs and Odss and watched the videos especially by cornholio. Every time I play now, his voice is in my head telling me what I should be looking out for.

      Thru his coaching, I started to improve my reads. In games that I fold, I would always figure out my outs and odds. I would look at the history. looking at games I won or lost to see if I made the right decisions and seeing my opponents tendencies. It was awesome practise and I started to enjoy my play again and I paid little attention to my gains and losses except for BRM of course. :D

      This morning as I signed out, I was honestly surprised that I have all but erased the losses that I sustained on my 150BB downswing.

      What got me here, the strategies, cornholio and the rest of the guys advice on this forum. hope it helps.

      Good luck buddy..