6max poker has become too nitty

    • racenutalways
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      2 types of players grinders and rec players: both have low wtsd%

      What happened since the U.S.A left?? Even maniac with strange stats 56/40/2.6/27 actually contemplated folding KK preflop. When I verbally abused him/her for slow rolling me with KK. He said it's not everyday someone shoves QQ or worse. :s_o:

      From NL 10 through 200 have become so nitty that 5 bet shoving A2s-A5s has become a very profitable play.(4bet/fold hands like AQ,ATs+) They don't adjust either. It's AA KK only!!!????( not everyone)

      A reg/6 tabler with 34/27/4.5/33 3 bet me from the button, seeing his 3 bet was 9%, I 4betted ATs to 30BBs, he flatted. What do these players flat 4 bets with I thought??
      QQ? JJ? Dunno. As it turns out he held AKs and a ten came on the turn and won a big pot as 30% dog. No shove AKs. WOW!!! How can you not 5bet an opponent who has a 4bet form UTG of 12.5%??? TOO MANY tables.......

      Holding mid pr + fl draw I ck raise a reg, he flatted, I missed my draw and checked to my nit , he held top pair good kicker, too afraid to protect his hand??? Top pair, KK aren't worthy of your stacks???? Overpairs????

      Loose players can easily exploit these players. My winrate rose to 14bb/100 at the 10,25,50 tables.

      It don't matter what style you will see pre flop or aggression post flop, WTSD% is all the same 26-33%. Making ck/r a gr8 play. Loose aggressive style post flop has been my primary playing style and need to learn to live with the variance but my overall winrate shot up exponentially.

      My 4bet shove for value is TT+,AQ+ sometimes AJs vs laggs and QQ+Aks vs nit regs. I can only imagine how often these guys folded JJ or QQ, or even maybe KK to my shoves. with good reason. I now added A2s-A5s, opponent dependent of course. I get a lot of timers being wounded down plus a fold :D Can't be that ez?? YUP!!

      Online players have become so nitty that even rec players LOATHE calling all ins with AK QQ and for the love of DOG, "KK"? Why? I asked and asked and asked. Answer has always been the same. "No one goes all in AK QQ unless they're a spewtard". Mind boggling, and they're right.

      Everybody wants to be phil ivey, see flops and and outplay the poker wizards.

      Just ranting!!!
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      cool story bra.
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      Hi guys,

      Moved this to No Limit Beginners for you, for want of a better opiton.


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      Because your not supposed to go all-in with AK/AKs, unless you have a read or some good stats on him.Easy to fold AK/AKs JJ/QQ to a 10/9 guy but its a pretty easy shove if you see someone 3-etting or 4 betting light and has like 34/29(30) stats.

      And what is this story about anyway?I dont get it?Are you happy , are you not happy about the situation which you explain ?

      Its easy to abuse multi table nits and its easy to beat fish, so if u have both on your tables, I would say play good and get free money.

      and if you think AK/AKs and QQ are EASY shoves, or easy for calling shoves, you are wrong:) .It might be easy at high stakes were people get it in with 99/1010+. and such.
    • racenutalways
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      Sick how nitty micros have become and ez to read as no one adjust to the bad play.

      Why not? Adjusting is big part of poker. Everyone seems stuck in "default" program.

      Moral of the story? None it was me ranting, but if you got nothing out of it, go back ot the books. Don't be this "default" guy. HUD is there 4 a reason. If you're scared of getting stacked AK, reduce your limit.

      cya at the tables