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Big hands

    • diversfx
      Joined: 24.12.2010 Posts: 627
      Is it better to get big hands in the early or late stages of a game. Lately it's been all or nothing.either I get all my good/monster hands early then nothing when it counts. Or nothing until it's push or fold and let V take over.

      Maybe what I should be asking is for calling ranges against short stacks 4/5 handed I think thats were I am leaking most.
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, diversfx

      Interesting topic! I will answer shortly, then I will try to get into a deeper analysis of this spot.

      In general-yes, I think it's better to get your monster hands in the late stages of a game. This comes with a big "IF" in front as it depends on many factors.

      Before going into to that, let's put in a few sentences about "equity", more important- "tournament equity". When we play SnGs- us and our opponents contribute exactly the same amount of money to the prize pool. If we play 33$ 1-table SnG ( say 30$ per each player goes to the prize pool, 3$ rake goes to the house). That doesn't mean our tournament equity is exactly the same though! A solid winning reg is supposed to have higher equity (as he has much higher edge over the others on a fishy table) compared to the loose aggressive maniac who wants it all early or go bust. It's never actually possible to calculate this kind of equity. That's why I would suggest to take less marginal and close spots on a fishy table as we have edge over the others that we can use without risking much. I much rather make a close fold on a fishy table. And I much rather make a marginally + EV call on a very reg-infested table as I don't have an edge anyway and I might use my big stack to put pressure on the others near bubble or ITM.

      Also, another important thing- when we double up early in the tournament, our equity doesn't double up. That means that although we have doubled the chips, we didn't double up our equity. I believe this is because there are still say 7-8 other people in the tournament, blinds are low and we are far away from being ITM. When bubble approaches, the equity of our chips increases as we are much closer to the money, ICM tax gets higher and you know how risk averse a midstack is to the big stack on the bubble. In 9-10-player SnG our number 1 priority is getting ITM. That's why I believe getting monster hands later has a stronger value. There is a higher chance we get paid off- as people are getting short, maybe desperate, it takes less effort to get the money in by the river. Also, if we get to build up a nice stack in the late stages, we can use it for abusing the bubble. We have to pick our spots carefully though as even if he have ATC push on the bubble according to nash, if the other big stack can't fold hands like AJ-AK, pocket 77, then our ATC push becomes hugely minus EV. Both us and the other big stack will lose equity ITLR, which is spread among the small stacks, who benefit the most.

      If you have any further questions, please go ahead and post them in here. Also, if there is anybody who likes to share opinion about this topic, go ahead.