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Should I be worried that I am winning? Yes I am aware how dumb that question is..

    • Odieone
      Joined: 23.03.2008 Posts: 68
      Hi ... now before I continue.. I want to apologize to everybody thats currently on a downswing right now. This is not made up. I just played and it freaks me out a little.

      Before you get bored of the story, here is my question: I set myself a set playing time of 20 hands, Should I keep playing on when it seems my luck was not only continuing but increasing?

      Long story short, I finished the 20 hands up 50 BB and in the process, even playing tight and combination of some of the loosest players I have seen (these guys were 3-betting with 2 :heart: 3 :diamond: against my pocket Aces for pete's sakes), my Outs & Odds allowed me to beat trips As, Ks and Qs in consecutive hands with straights and flushes and always hitting on the river or the turn. I was able to get cheap bets because they didnt protect their hands. But still, amazing luck.

      On my twentieth hand, I figured what the hell, might as well test my luck. This is my last hand so I took A :club: 5 :club: into an ill advised game. I did everything the strategies said I shouldnt do.

      Playing out of the UTG, I raised. I met with a lot of resistance (turns out two players were holding pocket As and pocket Js, they played according to the SHC like I would've). I hit a straight flush on the flop before beating the 4 Aces on the turn.

      Then I got up and left.

      My question is: did I do the right thing by sticking to my plan? My goal isnt to get rich. I wanted to develop good habits and play tight aggressive but more importantly, I want to enjoy my poker. The winning was just a bonus.

      But on the other side, the table was extremely loose and lady luck was definitely on my side. I still cant believe I beat a four of kind, Aces no less. I did feel for the guy cause, two hands earlier, my flush beat his trip Ks.

      I also had another reason to leave, I had an appointment but even if I didn't, I felt I did right by following my plans. I wasn't afraid of losing and giving it back but I was afraid of going back to bad habits. Getting intoxicated by the idea that I was invincible, get greedy and raising my bets. I remember my bad decisions from my Blackjack days.

      Did I tilt? I would be forever grateful for your insights. Let the naming calling begin... :tongue: I bet those guys at the table still havent stopped calling me names. But its a question I had to ask.


      P.S. I wanted to post the hand but i have had trouble installing Poker Elephant on my computer at the moment.
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    • wilm
      Joined: 13.07.2006 Posts: 1,583
      Raising UTG with A4s is called tilt my friend =) tilt comes from losing sessions but tilt also comes with winning sessions.

      Just stick to the rules and always play when u think u have an edge at the table. Its as simple as that.
    • slikec
      Joined: 04.02.2008 Posts: 1,155
      Tell me how could he had poker aces if preflop you had A :club: 5 :club: and he had AA? You had one A he just hitted on river last fourth ace to have trips by the way.

      All i can say is you were lucky. You played ONLY 20 hands and as i readed you won most of them when you were underdog(like last hand A5s vs AA).

      Lets go back to last hand. You raised with A5s player behind you raised and someone calls( at least i hope guy with AA raised if he didn't well is his fault you took him money). If that was caise you have easy fold(depends ofocurse how much he raised but if he made 3bet like is common i doubt you(and him) had enought stack left to call EV+).

      So yes that was bad play!

      Also it sound funny playing just 20hands. Whats the point of it? You just warm up get to know opponents a bit and leave table? I supose you played SSS(here is normal to leave table after 20 hands i supose :D ) so according to SSS you leave table when you have 25BB or more.

      I suggest you reread articles since i know for me that they improved my game big time.

      And about the title:

      Should I be worried that I am winning? Yes I am aware how dumb that question is..

      No you should be happy how lucky you were and if you have nice winnings in 20 hands that hardly make you a winning player(even if you played really good game)!
    • theloniousbones
      Joined: 30.01.2008 Posts: 177
      If I could paste my tracker on here I would, but let me just say this and hope it makes sense.

      Not long ago I returned to poker after a 2 week hiatus. I had been playing for a couple months with my $50 buy in, (not the one from PS, I'd burned that long ago) but I had been completely break even. One Saturday morning I wake up and hit the Full Tilt weekend donkeyfest in the worst way, and busted out to sick beat after sick beat. That was why I took the break.

      In that time I played solely freerolls, hit a couple final tables, had a couple bad beats, posted my hands, and learned a lot. So I convinced myself to buy back in and see what I could do.

      Within 5 days I'd profited $150 playing sick SSS, though often breaking the rules and playing 6-max tables. In that time every decision I made was right. Players folded when I bluffed. They called me when I pushed with the nuts. My AK hit against JJ. My JJ held up against AK. I took donkeys down for all they were worth, and I loved every second of it.

      Then I hit what they call variance. $100 down in 2 days, and I played well. Really well. But I got rivered like you wouldn't believe. Took all sorts of bad beats. It was just gross. I began to think that I wasn't that good of a player, that I got lucky tot that point. I posted hand after hand and all I got in response was judges and other players wondering why I posted the hand in the first place, that I played it well. I realized then that it wasn't about profit, it was about being a good player. Hard to believe, but they are two different things.

      2 weeks later and I'm showing ~$75 profit altogether, winning some/losing some, but playing good poker.

      Moral of the story? Don't worry about 20 hands or 20 hours or 20,000 hands. Winning poker is winning poker, and all that matters is making the right decision, the right play.

      You play perfect and you win big. Next time you'll play perfect and lose big. Judging by what you wrote you didn't play well, but you still won. That will soon change. Post your hands and read the articles and improve your game and you will become a profitable player.

      For now you're just gambling.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Yoghi
      Joined: 10.09.2007 Posts: 14,387
      It's called variance, there's no way you're ever going to win something even close to that when you play more hands. You got lucky with A4s now, but you should realise that on average you will lose, because the mistake you made is exactly the mistake a lot of people make so we can make money.

      (brag), just look at my graph from yesterday, if I would only put in the last 30 hands I've got the same story as you :P , but I've played ~breakeven the other 1430, and this is quite normal variance. So just play according to the strategy and the SHC and you will win the most longterm.

    • Odieone
      Joined: 23.03.2008 Posts: 68
      You're right Silk. I think the Ace was on the flop but I was running out the house so I just typed and run.

      Thanks for your advice guys. I know that variance exists but I was more questioning what is more important? Sticking to the planned schedule or keep playing until you start to lose. Actually, I can finally understand why there so many guys who have huge player points.