Do I put Multiple Identical Hands in Ranges?

    • Raknyo
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      Been playing a bit of cash live recently and I've wondered how do I adjust ranges because say if I put my opponent on a range of:
      77-99, KTo, KXs

      Because villain is more likely to have KTo than 77.

      I hope someone understands where I'm coming from.

      Edit: I'm not sure if getting dealt KTo is anymore likely than pocket pairs now, this is making my head hurt. Help me someone! :f_biggrin:
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    • jachis
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      I think you're talking about hand combos.
      There 6 combos of any pair, 12combos of any offsuit and 4 combos any suited hand.

      Here's a great artcile about Combos and Odds
    • CallumN
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      Flop is Kxx

      if he only ever plays KQ. He has 12 combos of KQ. There are 3 kings left in the deck and 4 queens so 3x4 is 12 :)

      A slightly harder version

      If you have AK on Kxx and we know that he only plays KQ and TT.

      He has 6 combos of TT and now only 8 combos of KQ.

      2 of the Kings are allready accounted for and there are 4 queens. So he has 2x4 8 combos of KQ
    • CallumN
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      The reason you are more likely to get KTo then 77 is because when you get dealt 1 king, there are still 4 tens to be dealt to you.

      When you are deal 1 7, there are now only 3 sevens left to be dealt to you.

      Just to make your head hurt a bit more :P

      This is also why AKs is rarer then AA.

      You get dealt 1 A, you have 3 more that can be dealt to you.

      When you are dealt the Ah, you can only be dealt the Kh to give you the suited version :)