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NL $2-$5 Live NL Casino FR

    • Heave112
      Joined: 27.03.2009 Posts: 471
      Pocket 8's on Middle Position, I'm on a very loose table. There are 2 limpers before me from Early position. I just call with 8's since if I raise I'm getting like 4 callers, Hijack ends up raising 10 bb's I call. Its folded down to me I call, flop goes Ac,8c,7d
      I check he Pot,bets $120 my stack is around 450 I shove he tanks and folds.

      Was my all in -EV? or should I have just check/called check/shove turn?

      He was somewhat tight, but I feel someone on his left told him to fold since he was going to call, I heard the words "fold" as he was trying to pick up some peanuts form the plate next to him lol...
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    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      I prefer to raise 88 here. Maybe limping with 77 and below is fine but 88 is the middle card of the deck so you will have a decent amount of favourable flops for you.

      Are you getting into a tricky multi-way spot? Maybe you could raise larger instead as your default sizing. You would want to not play a multi-way pot with 100% of your holdings anyway.

      If you still think you can raise super huge and still get 4way pots regularly then I suppose it's fine but you should definitely consider ramping up the raise to 10BB or more on this table. Right here you mentioned that a 10BB raise scares everyone out except you. So if you had raised to 10BB yourself you would have likely gotten it heads up. You do not need to follow Poker strategy's starting hand charts and stuff like that like raising 4BB+1 per limper, just use a sizing that helps you achieve Isolation.


      A raise is good if he never folds an Ace or strong draw. This is the best spot to put in as much money as possible. You can minraise instead of shove since small raises look weaker to fishes even though in reality small raises are generally stronger.

      A call is good if you think he double barrels a lot. you can check/shove 100% of turns.