Nlfrlive $2/$5 Aa Utg

    • Heave112
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      Limped AA UTG, one Tight raiser on MP makes it $50/10bb raise, folded to me I call.

      Flop goes Q-2-10, I check he bets $90 I call. Turn Q I check He bets $200, I all in for 120 more he shows AQ, I lose. Is it a easy fold or did I misplay my hand, If i all ind on flop he was calling anyways.
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    • mbml
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      1) Why are you limping AA UTG? Just raise right away
      2) If you did limp AA in EP which is fine in FR live sometimes, then I would l/rR here, especially if I have been aggro and if my opponents are calling stations. I would also l/rR a bunch of garbage for balance and create an aggressive dynamic.
      3) Limp/call is only fine vs extremely aggro opponents, you make yourself look really weak which is fine.

      As played, I cannot really comment on this. No information given about his tendencies. You are close to the top of your range so I would call down (not reshove the Turn, just call down). I know you are only left with 120$ more but still, no reason to raise.

      The Turn is a very bad card for him to be bluffing at, so if you know he is a decent hand reader, he strongly reps QX. But still he could easily be vbetting KK or maybe even JJ/AT or maybe he bluffs with KJ or decides to random spazz. You'll never know what could happen at a fishy 2/5 live game.

      So without reads I call down since I'm at the top of my range.