NLFR $2/$5 Casino, AK vs Loose Fish

    • Heave112
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      We both have 300BB EFF.I get AKc Early I raise pre to $40, a Fish makes it $120. I call. Flop goes 10c,5,5 I check he bets $200 I raise to $600 he all ins for $900 more I call. He shows K4, turn 2c , River 4 and He wins....

      Did I play the hand horribly or not? I knew he was bluffing like a donkey fish.
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    • mbml
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      let me get this right. you have AcKc and board has Tc 5x 5x ? So you have a backdoor flush draw or a nut flush draw?

      What are your reads on him? If you think he's a spazz fish and if I had the nut flush draw I would just checkraise the Flop. He can have so many worse draws or random shit like KQ/AQ/AJ that would push the flop with 2 overs.

      If you don't have too many reads on his aggression just c/c the Flop, he would barrel many of your outs anyway.