leakfinder series by lessthanthree

    • grindtolive
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      I would like to see a leakfinder series in stts 9 max by lessthanthree.Some suggestions:

      -How to improve post flop game
      -How to correctly wide up our opening range from t50 till t100
      -How to exploit opponents with 10-12 bbs in raise/fold spots
      -Any leaks that fishes or regulars can have and how we can see them faster and adapt etc
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    • EuanM
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      Hey grindtolive,

      Many thanks for the suggestion - it's much appreciated!

      I will pass this onto lessthanthreee - keep your eye on the Video section to see if we can get that released for you!

      I will let you know if we can go ahead with this when I get more information,