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      Hey guys,

      I started playing poker 2 years ago and I registered with pokerstrategy. I build up a roll of $1500 and lost most of it. My current bankroll is about 200$. I started playing SSS and moved on to BSS when I had a roll of $150. With $480 I moved up to 25NL and I had a lot of difficulties with that limit. I was playing a little bit breakeven untill I chose to move back a limit. Then I played a 4,4$ 180sng on stars and finished first to win 216$. With 600$ in my account I played 25NLsh and won big. I guess variance was on my side. Then with 980$ I moved up to 50NLsh wich went absolutely superb. 50nl is probably much softer that 25NL on stars and on party so I enjoyed the non-aggressive games. Then on one night I was pretty tired but I still wanted to grind so I descided to grind $200NLsss with $1500. I still knew all the rules because I played sss in the beginning. But on 200NL the people played so overaggro against me that I am certain I got bluffshoved over my middle pairs a few times. I did not have any idea of advanced sss. Combined with a bad run of losing every coinflip I lost bit by bit in the next couple of hours and I did not move down untill I had only 650$ left. Totally miserable I went to sleep. The next two months I've been playing superswingy slightely losing with lots of tilt and a few good sessions.

      My leaks are FPS and tilt. I really enjoy playing sh38/36/3,5 but it just brutally fails when you're on tilt while playing fr13/12/3,5 does not do so much damage at all. My gameplan is to stick to a tagbased style up to 21/20/3sh and 15/12/3fr.

      Now I'm back where I starded with 200$ to grind 10NL. But I do want to get better at controlling tilt and stuff because I know I can definately beat some selected 200NLsh games.

      Now upcoming 4 weeks I'm mega busy with finishing school. After school I descided to do a combo of working and poker. I'm planning to grind a lot next summer vacation.'

      I'm going to start a blog, set goals and post LOADZ of hands to improve my game. I'll probably grind 10NLfr and 25NLfr pokerstars untill I have 650$ and then I will play 25NLsh at party poker because I really like the room.

      If anyone has tips please post 'em!
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