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[NL20-NL50] AJs nl 50 sh

    • dzikson999
      Joined: 17.08.2010 Posts: 532
      Entraction - €0.50 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      Hero (BB): €54.57
      UTG: €55.37
      MP: €50.75
      CO: €54.25
      BTN: €94.09
      SB: €48.75

      SB posts SB €0.25, Hero posts BB €0.50

      Pre Flop: (€0.75) Hero has A:heart: J:heart:

      fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to €1.12, fold, Hero calls €0.62

      Flop: (€2.49, 2 players) J:spade: 9:spade: 4:club:
      Hero checks, BTN bets €2.00, Hero raises to €5.24, BTN raises to €13.48, Hero calls €8.24

      Turn: (€29.45, 2 players) 7:club:
      Hero checks, BTN bets €18.50, Hero raises to €39.97 and is all-in, BTN calls €21.47

      River: (€109.39, 2 players) J:club:

      Villain is 23/20 reg agre f- 3.5 wtsd 26% fold to 3 bet 90 % so i diceded that it is more profitable just to call but after flop 3 bet what should i do- shove, fold or call ? (what range are u think he have in spots like this)
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    • Rastlin1
      Joined: 31.08.2008 Posts: 189
      With his stats and how he played I would guess he had qq, kk, aa
    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,795
      While I like the merge c/r with TPTK vs wide BU openers, you should roughly have an idea on how to react vs a 3bet. Is there any c/r dynamic which makes you able to c/r and jam? or c/r and flat?

      By default, people usually 3bet Flop with overpairs in this exact spot. I would do the same, added with some bluffs and some combo draws. I don't think AJ is doing that well against someone who isn't 3betting Flop with too much air (true when there's no dynamic). Majority of solid players will call your c/r with KJ and worse.

      As played, you need to c/jam the turn to protect against draws. You lose to Ts8s but that's only one combo. And you lose to the occasional set but mostly people slowplay sets cos they are less vulnerable. so you are mostly looking at draws and overpairs and the random gutshot bluff.

      But if you were to count combos on the Flop

      Dominated by
      18 combos

      Flipping against
      5 combos

      Slight Favourite Against
      AsKs/AsQs/AsTs/As8s (4)
      4 combos

      I think I'm being pretty optimistic here already. Of course if you think he pushes QJ and KJ then it's an easy shove on the Flop. If he 3bets those hands to "see where he's at" then your play is the best. If he has a ton of bluffs as well then your play is best too.

      Given his stats I'm quite sure I fold on the Flop.
    • dzikson999
      Joined: 17.08.2010 Posts: 532
      He had 10 8 o so i was bit suprised. I expected some overpairs and lot off flush combo draws so i diceded to gamble and jam the turn but i was dead alredy and very suprised with such week draw and agrresive move by villain without some specific table dynamics, so i like to here other players opinion.
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello dzikson999,

      Flop: Kind of questionable play here, depends a lot our actions and how the opponent saw us. Also about the opponents play, do you think he could be overplaying TP like this? But practically if I go for the Check/Raise then I also getting it in right on the flop than flat-call and reevaluate it on the turn. :) You can easily just give him free cards while he could Check behind on the turn.

      As played
      Turn: As long you went that far there is no other way to play it than Check/Shove for protection.

      Best Regards.