HEM2 c/r stat bugged?

    • w34z3l
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      I'm really confused about the "Flop check-raise OOP" stat.

      To give an example my HUD displays "14" for this stat for a specific player.

      If I look at the popup associated with that stat the general check-raise line reads this -

      ( Total Flop Turn River)

      Check raise 10 (10) - 0 (2) - 0 (2) - 0 (1)

      So let me get this straight. flop c/r oop happens 14% of the time according to the HUD. General check-raising however happens 10% of the time in 10 opportunites according to the popup. However this player has never check-raised the flop turn OR river. Am I missing something??

      ( I know for a fact this player has actually c/r the flop before, so why isn't it showing under the flop c/r popup stats?)
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