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    • Tim64
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      Recently I wanted to make cash out from my account. However, because I was part of the way through clearing the first part of my first deposit bonus (I have decided to make three deposits of $200 each), I was informed that proceeding with the cash out would make me in eligible for the remaining bonus.

      For that reason I did not proceed with the cash out.

      I have now completed clearing the first $200 FDB but I have not yet deposited another $200. What I want to know is whether I can make a withdrawal from my account of part of my winnings without invalidating my ability to benefit from the two following tranches of FDB?

      I need a clear and correct answer to this, if at all possible, since I don't want to lose out on $400.

      thanks in advance,
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    • Jaime001254
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      If you cash out, you will be ineligible for any current deposit bonuses going on(including the remaining deposits of your FDB).

    • Tim64
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      Thanks fruktpuff

      This is what PS said:

      "Hello ___,

      Thank you for contacting us and for allowing us to be of

      Please be aware that if you cash out during an active bonus
      period before making a qualifying deposit, you become ineligible
      for that bonus as lined out in our terms and conditions. To avoid
      players becoming ineligible without knowing, a pop-up message
      appears when a cashout is requested during a bonus period making
      you aware that you will forfeit the bonus if you go ahead with
      your cashout request.

      Should you choose to request your cashout nonetheless, the bonus
      will no longer be available to you and no exceptions can be made
      to this rule.

      However, any pending bonuses you may have in your account are not
      affected by that rule. Therefore, we suggest you to process your cashout after depositing your next installment, please be also aware that after depositing, you will need to wait 48 hours in order to be able to cashout.

      If you need further assistance with this matter, do not hesitate
      in contacting us back.

      Thank you for choosing PokerStars."

      Not sure what to make of bolded section?
    • stranovsky
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      if you cash out before depositing, u dont get any bonus. however you fan deposit first, u get the bonus and in 48 hours you can cash out, ur bonus wil still be there to clear it.