ZOOM Poker and Bad run :(

    • Vip3rNZ
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      Ok so I've been playing at the 6max nl2 tables for the last few weeks, my highpoint was up 34 buyins after about 17k hands, seems ok right?

      Every time i got to around +30 buyins i'd take a shot at nl5 and every time that ended up badly also i was just taking 2 buyin shots. Bad luck i guess? :/

      But the real problem is playing ZOOM poker at pokerstars, i know this is new and there are alot of team online pro players there, aswell as prob alot of other good players from higher stakes coming to check it out, MABY thats why im running so badly all of a sudden?

      Well anyway so far im down about 10 buyins in last 30 mins ( this really hurts )

      and down about 20 buy-ins total for the ZOOM poker.

      I've been playing only my pocket pairs, suited aces, suited connectors, ak, aq, aj, at, kq

      those are the only cards im playing, I raise them all 4bb+ 1 for each limper or just call if someone else has raised.

      I 3bet my AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, AK, AQ, AT and then fold to a 4bet unless i have AA or KK.

      When it gets to the flop, if there is 2+ people I check fold with nothing.

      If it's only 1 other person i bet 3/4 pot if i was the preflop raiser if i was not then i just check/fold with nothing.

      If i have Top pair, a flush draw or an OESD then i will bet 3/4 pot vs 2-3 on the flop.

      with my sets, if there is 2+ people i will check raise, if just one person i will just bet 3/4 pot.

      Thats pretty much my whole strategy right there. am i just running like shit or am i playing like shit i just dont know anymore.
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    • stripofbacon
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      Luck will turn around some day!
      Just keep playing your A-game.
    • Vip3rNZ
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      thanks i sure hope so
    • nathanrenard
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      Variance in these fast poker formats is way more intense, since there is a nit fest over there.

      This is where notes will come handy over HUD.
    • RobertDaPro
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      Did u not already have this same post before? I am sure i have read it

      EDIT: lol must be this same topic bumped up just now. DeJavu
    • MarkQuick
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      Originally posted by RobertDaPro
      Did u not already have this same post before? I am sure i have read it

      EDIT: lol must be this same topic bumped up just now. DeJavu
      Hey RobertDaPro, hows it going?

      I have some great news for you. Please click here to find out more.

      Best of luck at the tables and if you require any assistance, please notify me by replying to your ticket and I'll be happy to help.
    • xtyp3
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      I'm playing almost the same way since they don't 3bet much and have a 32bb/100 (16BB/100) winrate over 7k sample.
      Whats your sample size and I'm asuming your adjusting to shortstacks and using notes/hud?

      I was getting coolered alot in the first 2k hands but that didn't last for long, review all the big hands you lost and you will know if it is a bad run or bad play quite easily.

      Maybe go and try FR tables pretty sure that will be less swingy..
    • FuzZziiLiito
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      Just keep going it will turn around.However i wouldnt be 3 betting A10 as you stated.Thats the only thing i can pick u upon.At best its an opening raise hand.or a call in posiion.Never a 3 bet hand.will only get you in trouble.
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      well i was -11BI at nl10 zoom, but now I'm +13BI up at nl25 zoom, you will ask what is my golden key? God, DO NOT trust him..
    • ilovemagic
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      i am playing the NL2 and i am up to $65 from $15 over a small sample size of about 8K hands. I think I am doing well, but its really hard to speculate what is your problem unless you start posting some hands from really big pots and we can go from there. also going to tell ya the truth:
      losing that many BI in just 30 mins usually signals tilt and you need to implement stop loss, as hard as that may be for some of us (myself incl.).

      i dont think you can run so bad on these tables to lose that much in 30 mins.

      as well, the starting range you suggested does not lose so fast either.

      so post some hands and we will see how your play indicates either bad play or just variance.

      heres the graph:

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