Desktop wallpaper wont change

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      Im using an acer laptop with windows 7 and about 2 months ago i changed my desktop wallpaper to a picture of some creepy church in a field anyway the point is ever since i can't change it back whenever i try to change it, i get an error message saying access is denied.

      I googled it and ended up following some instructions to set up an administrators account to log in but still failed

      If you haven't guessed already my computer skills are hardly first class, can anyone tell me what the problem might be and how i can fix it cos im pretty sick of staring at this creepy church now

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    • stripofbacon
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      Don't fuck with creepy churches man... :D

      Sorry, can't give you any real advice.
    • pswyatt
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      Is it defo a legit copy of Windows!? :s_p:
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Yeh bought laptop brand new from computer shop or tesco maybe. everything is legit and legal it just wont change i used to change it quite often until this happened then all of a sudden it said access is denied. wtf.

      Would be eternaly grateful if someone can help me fix this. guess i should never have messed with god :(
    • IngridN
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      I found this

      Is Active Desktop Turned Off?

      The inability to change your desktop wallpaper or background, can many times be traced to Active Desktop. Follow the steps below to remove any web objects from displaying on your background.

      1) Click on Start, Control Panel
      2) Double-click on Display
      3) Click on the Desktop tab
      4) Click on the Customize Desktop button
      5) Click on the Web tab
      6) Uncheck any items listed under Web pages
      7) Click Ok and then click Ok one more time to close the window.

      Your Active Desktop wallpaper should be removed, now try to change your background wallpaper. If you still can't change your wallpaper background, proceed to the next section.