Mathematics of Poker: Odds and Outs

    • Resilence
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      It's really hard for me to get the grasp of this subject, and I know I need to understand this to it's fullest to really become a better poker player, atleast thats how I feel.

      I was wondering if anyone know of some ideas, of how to get a hold of this?
      Perhaps true some kinda training simulator?

      I really want to understand the concept, I know it will take time for me to learn how to calculate it in the head, but thats because I've always sucked at calculating.

      I've seen the video and read true the subject about odds and outs, but it's still a really tough subject for me.

      Please help me, I don't want to continue playing with a gut feeling :P

      Titan poker does have an addon which tells me the pot odds, and the number of outs, but it doesn't really make the subject easier for me to grasp.

      Thx in advance :)
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    • Resilence
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      Think I'll link my own post to another post about this.

      Helped me somewhat
    • RasTweet
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      Hi Resilence!

      I dont know what you play (cash, sng or mtt's) but if I were you I would start with the no limit beginners course! It will helps you a lot to become a better poker player! In my signature you can see the no limit beginners course tag. If you click on the tag you will be directed to the course. I cant post a link because Im on my phone right now.

      About the odds and out it just takes time, you will get used to it after a while. It could help you to try to visualize everything? Which cards help you and which dont. About calculating the pot odds it doenst take that long though. Almost every poker room will show you how much there is in the pot and if there was a bet this bet will be included in the pot already to you dont have to add it again which makes it easier and faster to calculate, devide that with the amount you have to call and you have the pot odds. About your outs you just have to find ou which card can help you and which cant. But it just takes training to make a estimation of that. Its important to know the opponents range!
      And the odds and out are very important but in a cashgame ppl will bet bigger and you will never get the odds you need to call. Equity and implied odds are more important there.
      So take a look at the no limit beginners course is my best advice and it will help you a great deal!

      Sorry for typos, like I said im on my phone.

    • gadget51
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      Hi Resilence,

      The easiest and absolutely the best way to start learning this stuff is to join the NL Beginners Course, just click the link at the bottom of this post for how to do that. It's totally free and you can join or leave at any time you like. You get to see professional coaches play in real games, you can ask them all sorts of poker questions and they will know the answer for you and will show you how to do the math and even write an explanation down and explain it as they go along!

      Cool or what!? :s_cool:

      Want to be the best on your table? Click that link! :)

      Very best regards,

    • Resilence
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      hehe thank you guys, and yes, I have joined the beginners course... slowly learning.

      But anyways, I think I got to hear what I needed to hear actually. Like not thinking to much about the maths in poker untill later.
      Maybe I have just been focusing to much on this because it is really hard to just get the grabs of. :D