best warmup before playing poker?

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    • mute20
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      I think a good idea is to review some hands you played badly. Especially mistakes you have made constantly in the past.
    • Svarthjalmar
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      Granted, I have very little experience, but I do need to prepare especially well if I plan on playing a ring game (tournaments are different, for some reason), because I have problems concentrating sometimes. I tend to play late at night, and since I'm working full time and have two kids, I tend to be a bit sleepy when I sit down.

      What I've been doing lately is taking half an hour to an hour to read, watch videos, whatever to get myself into a poker state of mind. Then I take a nice, brisk walk to refresh myself. Then I'm ready to play.

      I find that on a weeknight I definitely need to get some air and wake up properly before I start playing. Of course, on my walk, I try to focus on poker as I walk. Listening to a poker podcast doesn't hurt, when I have one.
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      Hi angalius,

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