Bonus Clearing

    • salflip
      Joined: 02.10.2007 Posts: 606
      I would like to take advantage of full tilt's $600 bonus and was wondering what are the best ways of clearing it

      and how much should I deposit as I've heard that it clears quite slowly at the lower limits
      currently I play $10 BSS and sometimes SNG's
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    • tehChipDonk
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      SSS with 8 tables during the happy hour (2x the points) should do it...
    • dirtyibis
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      Either way if you play nl10 or sngs it is going to take you forever, but youll get there. it took me 2 weeks at nl50, but remember u get it in $20 chunks. I suggest not worrying too much about it, try to play the most profitable games, concentrate on winning and building your roll, youll get the whole bonus eventually. If you really want it quick then donk is right, SSS will probably be the quickest way, do you have a roll big enough for NL50 SSS?
    • salflip
      Joined: 02.10.2007 Posts: 606
      thanks for the advice

      my roll has increased significantly from what it was :D (now @ $626)
      as I have just moved up in limits to NL 25 bss and I'm experiencing a very pleasant upswing

      personally I don't like SSS even though I have played it quite a bit before
      as it's not as challenging as having a full stack

      so lets assume I play NL 25 BSS x4 tables

      will I be able to clear it without it expiring on me?
    • Glazenburg
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      I'm clearing the bonus in $5/day increments on NL25 BSS also with 4 tables. It takes me about 1,5-2 hours a day to release it. This way I'll clear the bonus just within the 120 day period.

      Hope I will soon be able to move up to NL50 though :D