improving my game..graph

    • xoshix33
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      well it seems a lot of my winnings come from nonshowdown.
      and my showdown winnings don't look that good.
      now hmm how could improve my game to focus more on showdown winnings .
      if any game stats needed id post them here.
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    • nefarious26
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      its only like 2000 hands, play like 50,000 then take a look
    • veriz
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      Hello xoshix33,

      Seems like a really nice graph mate, I hope the Hand Evaluations also are helping you out. Keep going such great job! Nice graph!

      Best Regards.
    • xoshix33
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      tnx veriz.
      i get it, its a really small sample(tho bigger than before) but if you look closely
      my all in adj winning are like 15$ above the non showdown winnings.
      so basicly i make almost 3 times more from non showdown than showdown winnings, i really think theres a big leak iam looking at.
      i mean can it be that i cant get my nuts to showdown so i win it like that?
      what happens if i keep going that way and move to bigger stakes?